Performance Coaching is a dynamic addition to traditional game play coaching. It is suited to individuals and teams. Each player brings a specific skill set and a unique personality to the team. Recognizing strengths, knowing which skills need fine-tuning, and understanding what drives individual performance are essential to every player’s success. Performance coaching helps master them all.

These same skills affect the dynamics of a team. Some teams gel fast; others struggle; and others crumble before the season ends. Performance coaching helps teams learn to appreciate individuality and apply it toward a positive team experience.

Individual Coaching

Every individual has strengths. I believe in playing to them. I’d hardly expect a player who’s small and low to the ground to play in the same way as a tall player who’s reach is from post to post. Both playing styles contribute to successful game play, but the smart player learns how to use his strengths to be an impactful team contributor. Goals of individual coaching are to:

  • Identify strengths
  • Capitalize on innate ability
  • Manage weaknesses
  • Increase or sustain confidence
  • Use brainpower to skyrocket group performance
  • Refine physical skill by integrating techniques to apply powerful focus
  • Develop and harness the power of a personal playing brand

Team Coaching

Each player has a unique personality. So does every team. I’ve seen teams experience camaraderie that came about effortlessly, and others destroyed by chippy criticism and persistent sniping. I’ve watched teams get complacent after a winning streak, and others feed a losing streak by creating conditions that keep losses coming. Goals of team coaching are to:

  • Help players recognize and appreciate individual and collective strengths
  • Maintain momentum when wins become routine
  • Reduce tendencies to blame when losses occur
  • Bond teams (at a minimum) while on the ice
  • Use brainpower to catapult team performance
  • Generate respect for tiers of leadership
  • Develop and harness the power of a team brand