How Teams Develop Memorable Brands

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If I say “Obey Your Thirst”…what comes to mind? What about “Finger-Lickin’ Good” or “Melts in Your Mouth”…. Chances are you thought of KFC, Sprite and a handful of M&Ms. Not exactly a diet of champions, but a very good example of branding. Products have brands. People have brands. Groups have brands. Many think a logo or graphic is a brand, but that’s not the case. A logo is a...

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When to Stop Pushing Past Pain

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You’re near the end of your shift, and you’re on a breakaway. Three other players are gunning for you, and they mean to hit, and hit hard. Your quads are burning with fatigue, but you’re in a great position to score…. Your team has had a tourney scheduled for months. At the last minute, nearly half of your players decide to bail. Your attendance is locked in, and there is no way to recover fees if the rest of the team...

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Wear Your Own Skates

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How funny that for a game played on ice in the cold, one of the first things to do to prepare your tools for the game—as in new skates—is to BAKE them in an oven!* Yes, baking skates reduces out-of-the box stiffness by enabling your foot to conform better to the interior of the boot. This reduces pressure points that cause friction and blistering and improves comfort. Now imagine your skates are feeling good when your coach tells you to switch...

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The Keane College Mind Mush

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Our opponents were Amazons. None of them were short. All of them were rock solid. Their pre-game calisthenics had the precision of marching band formations. And, they chanted military theme songs. Oppositely, all of us were short. Some of us were rock solid. None of us had organized exercise routines. And we couldn’t sing. Our club soccer team had traveled from University of Hartford in Connecticut to Keane College in New Hampshire to...

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